Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Truth Tuesday

It's that time of the week again! Truth Tuesday has become something I look forward to - it's liberating.

My truth for the week? 

I ignore bad news sometimes. 
Seriously. I have no idea how the economy is going, I don't want to know about the third arm I might grow if I dye my hair, I steered clear of the madness surrounding the Norway terror, and Amy Winehouse's death would have devastated me if I'd spent any time researching it. 

It's not very healthy but I store bad news that I do hear about somewhere deep, to use when I have more time. For instance, there are pictures of Amy all over the TV and Internet, but I look away for fear it's going to ruin my day. I grieve, somewhere inside for her and for the victims of the attack and there's a place in my heart for everyone who's lost their job during this recession. But I need to be allowed to say "This isn't my problem."


  1. Great post :) I think the truth tuesday feature is a great idea :)


  2. Wonderful blog. I like!
    Check out mine ;)

  3. You know Jo, that is a really good point! I was really devastated when I heard about Norway as I have a lot of Norwagian friends and I know how hard this must be fore them! I also feel sad for Amy because I love her music and she died so young! But bad news are all around us everyday and if I we just continue to listen to them, we'll be in constant depression! So I pay attention to the news but I move on quickly. Life is too short to focus on the bad! xoxoxoo


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