Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Why it's OK that you're NOT in the front row

Every fashion blogger fantasizes of being in the front row at one point or another. And while anyone can participate in a shopping mall fashion show, it's the high fashion that entices people. It's actually pretty common that we want to be in the room, not necessarily in the front row.

So why is it OK that you're not prancing aroung New York City right now?

1. Because it's not physically possible. Imagine how big the venues would have to be to fit all the people that would be willing to go. It would end up very similar to stadium concerts. And that's logistically, financially and artistically unreasonable.

2. Because not everyone can really handle it. While it's very pleasurable to envision yourself changing from one fancy outfit to another, glamour is tiring. We all know it's not very easy to make ourselves look our very best, especially non-stop for a month, and the thought that a street photographer is always somewhere near you can be pretty unnerving.

You may not be Leighton Meester, but streetstyle photogs take thousands of pictures a day of everyone and anyone.
Source: wwd

3. Because it would take away from the exclusivity. High fashion is by definition exclusive. Its price tags and limited stocks make it available, whether we realize it or not, to a select few. The 1% if you will.

4. Because fashion lives and thrives throughout the world, in the most unexpected places, not only in the "fashion cities". You can see jaw-dropping style in most any city. The bigger the city, the bigger the chances, actually.

5. Because style doesn't have to be of the "high" variety. We've all seen outfits that were fabulous, despite the fact that they cost a fraction of a designer handbag. Incredible style can come from thrift stores and high-street shops, from that quirky boutique on your street or even from outlets. It's all about what you with what you have.

This is literally 4-5 minutes from my Uni. And there's a Longchamp store to sigh near.

Have you ever been to fashion week? Do you wish you were there?

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Remembering a genius

Two years ago today, the entire world learned of a fashion designer's untimely death, whereas the fashion universe was shocked and pained to lose its avantgarde prince: Alexander McQueen. It was a tragic time and the magazines, the papers, not to mention the blogs, boomed for weeks and months afterwards. Our world had been painfully shaken and we could not get over the imensity of our loss.

Countless people who had never met this man truthfully suffered as they imagined a future where there would be no Alexander McQueen show to rock their soul. We all sighed in relief when it was announced the label would go on. We immediately wondered who would replace him. We were again relieved to see Sarah Burton do honour to her predecessor. 

The exquisite Shalom Harlow during the SS1999 show. Seems a long time ago, yet so timeless.


Lee McQueen, as friends called him, had climbed to the top of the ladder, his inimitable shows being one of the most eagerly awaited events of every fashion season. He was a revolutionary artist, and his ideas in many ways produced a paradigm shift in the industry.

We learned that even in this age there can be innovation, and plenty of it, and that beauty can be found in the most unexpected of places.

Fall 2008

If anything, we learned the look of a shoe wasn't quite established. 

Most importantly, we learned that there is no limit to which art can be taken.

And for all these invaluable lessons, we stand with our heads low today, two years after his passing, wondering "What if...?".

Rest in peace, prince. 

Thursday, February 9, 2012

It's here! Oh the excitement!

Did you think style freezes along with the temperature? Europe might be dragging its feet through ruthless bouts of low temperatures and icy winds, but a new fashion season is starting up, and New York is where it's at right now.

What is going on in Bryant Park and around? Why, goodies. Countless. Starting with, in my mind, Rachel Comey, one of the designers to the cool girls, a less high brow Alexander Wang, if you will.

Always a relaxed (if not minimal) brand, Rachel Comey doesn't disappoint in aptly tailored garments, always leading to those shoes that I just know will be must-haves come Fall. 

Awesome collage look. 



The colour palette is lighter than what you might expect for Fall/Winter, but all the leather and wool make it convincing enough. My favourite look is probably the last one I posted, with the awesome combination of silver skirt and black belted sweater. 

Derek Lam's 10 Crosby line could very well also be called Hanne, Hanne Gaby or Hanne Gaby Odiele, because as his favourite model, she's the muse of the collection, modelling it for the second time in a row. Actually, the lookbook was shot in her own apartment. And it's just as want-able as the previous one.

Good signs for the season, my friends. Good signs! And if New York is the home of the impossibly sophisticated cool girls, I can't wait for London's outrageousness, Milan's hotness and Paris's elegance! 

Have you seen any FW2012 collections? Which one's your favourite?

Friday, February 3, 2012

Christian Dior & I'm free

Christian Dior announced revenue over 1 billion dollars for the first time ever. Not too shabby for a company that went through a heartbreaking (for me, heh) scandal not too long ago.

Following close on the heels of their Couture collection and just before the upcoming Fashion Month, this prompted a close look at said couture collection. 

Now I'm a Galliano fan. Through and through. I was and kind of still am heartbroken that he's not with Dior anymore, because to me that was the pairing of my favourite designer and my favourite label. So I have a hard time getting used to someone else trying to fill his shoes, and I said my peace many times over that first couture collection where the best looks looked like cupcakes and the worst, like mumus. 

But this time, it's a different story. Gaytten learned a lot standing by John Galliano for 16 years, and he put it into practice in a clean, sophisticated collection that stands tall even by Dior standards. 


To me, Christian Dior is femininity, grace, cinched waists and sheer fabric. All of which was there. 

Wonderful neutral colour look on gorgeous Romanian girl Andreea Diaconu.

I loved it! Intricate florals, draping and asymmetry, neutral colours and splashes of red, loads of sheer fabric,  deconstruction and careful finishes all in one show. One great show. 

I wasn't feeling the final looks too much (see below) because of too much tulle, big overwhelming bow, etc. So Christian Dior Haute Couture Spring 2012 wasn't a masterpiece, but it was beautiful.

What did you think? What was your favourite look? 

P.S. I'm done with exams! Can you tell?