Tuesday, May 22, 2012

A post a month

I don't like to draw much attention to the frequency with which I post. It's not the greatest thing that recently it's taking me weeks and weeks to summon the willpower to think of something fashion-related I want to talk about, do a little research, and write something.

But it's all too obvious, and I hate feeling like I owe something. I hesitate to type this, and literally erased the sentence a few times before letting it be, but I'm wondering if fashion blogging is my thing after all. Don't get me wrong: I love fashion with all my heart and will always obsess over things like a hem of a dress in a Dior show or what the models' hair meant in that other show, but it makes me feel very... first-world-ly to try and maintain a blog strictly about that.

What's more, it's the strictly-fashion talk that I've been trying to keep lately that I think makes it so difficult to find inspiration. I'm indeed a busy girl, but it's not like I don't waste enough time every day on other things, so I can't justify my inconsistence on that. Also, I'm simply reading different blogs and other online publications that focus on other things.

The tagline for the blog, scribbled in the header under the title, reads "A little life, a lot of fashion". But there's a spark in me that says maybe it should be, "A little fashion, a lot of life". It sounds a lot less catchy, and I probably won't change it to that, but what I'm getting at is that I'm considering changing the direction of the blog at least a little bit. Make it more culturally aware, perhaps dip into feminist issues, lifestyle things. And maybe then the fashion that will surely resurface will be an awesome, breath-of-fresh-air type of occurrence.

I definitely think this blog needs a breath of life. Or maybe I'm just in finals season again and procrastinating, like when you clean your room to avoid studying.