Monday, July 18, 2011

Summer Love(ly)

Aside from disturbingly hot, sweaty weather, summer has brought on plenty of joys, as well.

Among them, lovey-dovey, delicious, healthy, completely organic and home-grown goodies like the ones I snapped just today.

My pride and joy, my basil plant that thrives in the summer.

We got the basil plant in a paper bag along with one that contained some mint (sadly, very slow growing mint) this spring. It quickly grew into this cutie-pie plant off which I daily break a couple of leaves, which get cut into the most exciting salads/dishes of the summer. I leave for Uni in a month or so, and I'm seriously contemplating taking it along, as it will take so long to wait for a new one to grow.

Miniature yellow&regular tomatoes, so tiny it's pointless trying to cut them. 
These are mainly my mom's accomplishment. They are just starting to redden all over the garden, and they are delicious. They're sweeter than regular-sized tomatoes and the fact that you chew them whole is an entirely different sensation - that moment when they break and your mouth is innundated with juice - yum!

Next to a banana, for comparison. 

*This was more a lifestyle post than a fashion one, evidently, and as promised (to myself) when I started the blog. Photos by me, of course.


  1. ooooh i just love homegrown herbs and vegetables!

    basil is my current favourite herb - you should try it in a pasta dish with some haloumi cheese, chilli flakes, olive oil and garlic... just too delicious for words!!


  2. anything containing basil and pasta at the same time is a favourite in my book hehe.


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