Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Dream Wedding

I was tagged on Polyvore to do a set about my 'dream wedding'. And it sent me thinking... about how much goes into such an event, and how much of it is fashion. From flowers and cake to bridal gown, tuxedos and bridesmaid dresses, it's a huge production.

My dream wedding is surprisingly girly, it even took me by surprise when I put it all together and this came out. I guess I have nothing to do but embrace the femininity...

 Dream Wedding Tag

What about you, darlings? What is your dream wedding? Have you ever thought of it? (I know I hadn't.)


  1. Gorgeous set!


  2. this set is gorgeous! and the dress is stunning!

    oh jo, dear...you've asked the wrong girl the wrong question, haha. if i told you how i'd want my wedding, you'd be reading for days!

    lovely post!



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