Monday, January 30, 2012

Arms in the air!

Anything you say can and will be used against you. Kidding, ha. 

But this really is my current state of affairs. I have two exams left (woo!) that I want to do well on, and between that and furniture shopping there's little time to breathe (i.e. blog). 

P.S. Ikea is hell on Sundays. Is there a time when it's really empty? I wanna go and take my sweet time to buy all the decor stuff - photo frames and mirrors - but I can't stand the queues. 

P.P.S. they have the best hot-dogs. Yes I just said that. 

Saturday, January 21, 2012

The joy of new apartments - yay!

Hello darling friends, 

I've got great news! After months and months, my sister and I are moving! We've found the dream apartment, well, my dream apartment that my sister is slowly falling in love with, and moving date is less than a month away. 

So, enter endless scouring of the web, looking for decor&design inspiration. 

I like all-white bedrooms, and lots of pillows.

I REALLY do love white bedrooms. 

Quirky chairs and cute poufs! 

Visible spices!!!

Inspiring workspaces!!!

What are your favourite design ideas? Do you have any awesome blogs for me to visit?

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The mirage of the red carpet

I have a guilty pleasure. I admit it. I eat up celebrity news (and by celebrity I mean Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Garner, not Snooki and Ke$ha!) like they're going out of style. That said, red carpet season is like a second Christmas for me. There's just something about the impossibly pretty dresses, many of which have simply no other possible destination than the red carpet.

I have a weakness for Angelina, and while she's somewhat human, sometimes she pulls off something so. freakin. wonderful, that I'm just speechless. This Atelier Versace she wore at the Golden Globes is one of those times, and agrees. 

Elizabeth Olsen is such a pretty girl. And the dress she wore at The Critics' Choice Awards is gorgeous.

Salma Hayek all dramatic and glamorous in Gucci also at the Golden Globes

Elle Fanning looking so cute and age appropriate in Rodarte at the Critics' Choice Awards

Tilda Swinton in my favourite designer, Haider Ackermann, looking so cool.

Who were your favourites on the latest red carpets?

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Fashion Blogger's Guilt

In the time I've been blogging (2 years on and off on several blogs and several situations) I've discovered a very  particular and very unpleasant feeling: what I call fashion blogger's guilt.

In general, fashion bloggers, this overwhelmingly female group, may be considerably less tech-oriented than most other Internet authors. These are women, a lot of whom blog as a part-time thing. They have large lives outside of their blogs - which is why it happens that sometimes it's easier to get sidetracked by real life and simply forgo blogging for a few days, or more.

I don't know if I managed to get my point across without sounding sexist towards my own gender, but then again, I am writing this after a Saturday that meant work and study for the finals I am not ready for. The main idea was, that, well, forgoing blogging for a while comes along with a nagging feeling of guilt that in and of itself can stop you from finding the remedy to the situation - publishing a post.

I've been beating myself up for days - I had a wonderful Christmas break, the kind you have when you go back home after 4 months of not seeing your loved ones, but after it, somehow, I couldn't snap back. I had plenty of opportunities to take a half hour, edit some photos and post them, simply saying, "Hey guys, thanks for the support, here how I'm spending the holidays, hope you're enjoying yourselves". But for some reason I didn't. And I kept feeling a bitter dose of FBG, every day, all day.

Which is not ok. I'm a full time student at a very demanding University, I work quite a bit and I'm trying to have a social life - blogging is something I enjoy, and if I can take it to the next level, that's great. But if I cannot, it is not the end of the world.

So what did happen since I last wrote?

  • I went home to Romania and saw family and friends, my heart almost exploded with joy
  • I partied way too much, including a crazy New Year's Eve party
  • I turned 20 (twenty!!!
  • I returned to Belgium and entered an insane time of preparing for final exams 
  • I became forever grateful for the continued support of you guys, I love and appreciate every comment I receive
  • I got lots and lots of loving from this guy below