Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Coffee, why so chic?

I'm not a coffee drinker. My very traditional family maintained that children don't drink coffee and I complied happily after sneaking a sip,when I was 6, from my mum's cup and thought it was disgusting black venom.

photo found here

Come highschool, particularly the final year with all that studying, I somehow managed to make-do with mostly green tea and the occasional cappuccino (strictly for fancy reasons, like with friends over even more chic cigarettes called "Vogue"). I was just fine without it on a regular basis. But I LOVED the idea of it.

Photo by Stefan

Now , between a very demanding Business Administration curriculum,working part-time, blogging, and trying to, you know, actually have a life, I'm hitting up the coffee machine at school more often, sometimes north of three times a week. An icky love affair, because for 60 eurocents, you get a plastic cup filled with a dark brown coffee undeserving of its name, but with the same chemical properties. I snare at at all the girls brandishing steaming Starbucks cups and I sigh. I'm too much of a stumble-to-school-no-time-to-stop kind of girl, not to mention Starbucks is $$$.Or should I say €€€?

Photo from here.

Anyways, the point and inspiration of this post was that coffee is just so chic, non? 

What about you? Are you a coffee drinker?

Monday, November 21, 2011

It's all about the avant-garde

When it comes to shoes, at least. 

Don't these peep-toe booties by Camilla Skovgaard tickle your fancy? Even if you're not one to normally go for this type of "crazy" shoe, it's just something about them.

Have you noticed how it's the most outrageous, unusual, never-before-thought-of shoes that are getting the most love out there? Of course it makes perfect sense that the novel should get a lot of attention, but it seems that when it comes to shoes, it's the avant-garde designers that really do change the world. At least this world. 

Gorgeous Azzedine Alaia ankle boots with an intriguing cut-out in the wedge-heel. 

Brightly coloured Brian Atwood's are so cool, I can't even bear it. 

Kurt Geiger loveliness. Seriously, LOOK at those shoes!!!

I was reading the Wall Street Journal (I know, I know, weird publication to think of such things) and a nice piece on Camilla Skovgaard grabbed my attention. And I realized it, that it's special, kind of odd designs of the likes of her, but also Alaia, Brian Atwood or Kurt Geiger have been taking the fashion world by storm. 

Charlotte Olympia Dellal. Win. 

P.S. I want to thank you, friends, for the wonderful feedback and support reflected in your comments. This isn't the most often-updated blog, nor the most outrageously chic, but I cherish every comment I get. You guys are wonderful! 

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Something chilly our way comes

Temperatures have been steadily decreasing.
The wind has become icy rather than simply crisp.
The skies are dark, almost depressing. Something I'm told is common of the Belgian winter.
Brussels promises a rough winter.

Which means that it's time to shop for a new coat! One huge, extremely warm and comfortable duffle coat is the only thing that made it with me (in fact, it made it after me along with some of my favourite boots and home-made jam - I love you mum - in a box, months later). So I've been scouring the stores as well as the web for something that I can wear whilst the weather is so chilly, yet not quite winter yet. I'd feel like I'm in a sauna if I were to wear my coat right now.

Anyways, this is the best - and student-budget appropriate - the www has to offer.

Pleated adorableness from Asos for £70.00 (about €85).

Also from Asos, this one is a classic, military-inspired coat that would get me out of a lot trouble, as it's so versatile. (£75) 

H&M makes a tempting offer, this cinched-waist short coat with all those pockets (something I always appreciate in a coat) is only €29,95. 

Just one of Zara's many wonderful coats. The €139 price tag is a little steep for me, but thinking it may be a good investmend tugs at my heartstrings. I mean, look how pretty!

Another wonderful Zara, another heartstring being tugged. Its oldschool Haider Ackermann-like appeal makes me think seriously about shelling out €99,95.

Also very tempting is this cape from New Look, on sale for only €41,99. It's impractical, but it's oh-so-cool. 

Ah, anyway. Which one would you guys choose? Do you have any better sites I should check out?  

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

A little something

As I was racking my brain (amid the Financial Accounting swamp) for something to write about, I realized every post can't and shouldn't be some earth-shattering fashion or lifestyle manifesto. That would mean "living" on edge all the time, and publishing a new proclamation way too often for them to be taken seriously.

After all, the joy of fashion is how simple it can be and still make you, even if for a little bit, so completely happy. I think it's a huge perk of fashion how a tiny little object can say so much about you. How you can wear your heart on your sleeve, but in a good way.

Today, I thought of rings, and how a piece that doesn't weigh more than a few grams can speak volumes.

I thought of stacked rings, and how excitingly cool they can be! I love them, and the student-budgeted me loves them too (5 rings for the price of one?! ha! sign me up!)

Armani Exchange ring
Armani Exchange has available a set of rings in several metals, something I'm usually hesitant about, but I like in this instance. For $38, rather affordable in Armani Terms.
Wet Seal ring

Wet Seal's version is all-silver, bejeweled and rather girly, but a total steal for $7.50.

Ariella Collection ring
Nordstrom's Ariella collection is colourful and diverse, a pretty good investment at $45.

French Connection ring

French Connection delivers a cute&whimsical idea, available for $40 at Asos.


Topshop has a very varied suggestion, also $40.


The most interesting stacked ring combo comes from Topshop too, costs $25 and is called "Zig Zag Stack Set". WANT!

What about you? Do you like stacked rings? Which ones? Can you tell they're on my wishlist (sic!) ?