Thursday, March 8, 2012

Fashion is a mini-universe, just meaner

1. Heels are difficult to walk in, we all know that. Runway shoes are worse, because they're essentially prototypes.

2. Models are tired at this point.

3. Did that meanie seriously walk past her and kept on going as she was crumbling to the floor?! Can you imagine the humiliation, and how little that did to help?

4. Kudos to Suvi Koponen and Daria Strokous, 'nuff said.

5. I have a nice big post about my new crib in the works!

What do you think about this video? Is it relevant for the fashion industry? I have to admit I have shameless fun with these moments(remember Jessica Stam falling head-first at Fendi and laughing about it?!), but this was different.