Saturday, August 6, 2011

Have a refreshing Sunday

Is it me or are Sundays all about recharging our batteries? No household chores, no errands to run, and, heh, there is no mail on Sundays. But all this recharging can turn into ennui if it's not at least a little bit active, so here's what I think would be nice ways to recharge.

Make authentic mint lemonade like they do in the Middle-East. 
Sure, about half the world is suffering from heat right now, but no one does heat control like those who would get chilly in what most of us call hot. Picture and recipe here.

If it's not that hot, finally perfect that chocolate chip cookie recipe.
Everyone makes/eats/loves these. I've been searching for a good, easy to make, preferably vegan chocolate chip cookie (how come we don't call these ccc's?) recipe for a while, and I seem to have finally found it. Will try. Picture and recipe here.

You could also finally clean out your computer. No, seriously. I got the blue screen of death today, you guys. My heart stopped for a second as my beloved laptop promptly restarted. I breathed again and swore to be more gentle to it (you know, no more than five tabs open in Chrome, turning it off once in a while, finally getting a cooler, actually seeing the desktop background from all the files, simple stuff). 

How about you, darlings? How do you keep your Sundays from being ruined by boredom?


  1. Sunday is my favorite day! I do my share of lounging and reading, but I almost always make a nice big Sunday dinner to carry on the tradition from all my family in England. I even still make the Yorkshire puds though it's boiling hot out and the kitchen steams when I turn on the oven! But the tasty food and time with family is so worth it!!! Sunday is my Mani pedi day too, so Sunday evenings I spend a few hours pampering me!!!!!

  2. Mmmm what yummy looking treats!! <33



  3. The mint lemonade looks tantalizing! I would love to make it some day. I usually sleep in and just like to chill out in a cafe for the rest of the day. ;)

  4. thank you so much for your super sweet comment on my blog! am loving your blog too and those cookies look so yummyyyy *drooling

  5. Your cookies look so delicious :)

  6. I like sundays! & omgee I want one of your cookies, they look so good!

    & btw my blog is having a fabulous giveaway you can't miss out on, check it out and let me know what you thing.



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