Thursday, October 20, 2011

Who am I?!

Until the 15th of August this year, it had never crossed my mind, not even in my wildest dreams that I'd end up studying Business Administration at University. But then, when I was presented with this wild possibility, things started making sense.

Fast forward two months, and I'm a barely recognisable creature. "Sovereign debt" has become a syntagm regularly part of my casual thoughts (like on the subway) and I know what FTSE stands for, as well as what "ceteris paribus" is. I've even decided to give functions that second date I've been denying since the first year of high school. I even know what the EU Summit this weekend is about in freakish detail, and not only because it's kind of taking place at the other end of my street and I have to take a detour on Sunday if I go out.

Fast forward two months, and these three items are regularly and daily found in my hands, my bag, they've become indispensable parts of my day.

The Financial Times, the Wall Street Journal, and a graphing calculator. 

I actually read these papers on a daily basis, and I've even learnt to use the fanciest options on the little device I previously thought was little more than a VERY foreign contraption. 

You see I was always art-inclined, specifically literature crazy and, obviously, fashion was also a big part of what I thought of on a daily basis, and I was more than certain that I was going to study something in the field of Arts & Humanities. Little did I know I'd be studying to get a Bachelor of Science. 

So there it is friends, the late, late, late update on my studying situation. 

And of course I remain myself. Look. 

L'Officiel's 90th anniversary issue, Tavi Gevinson on the cover, all 529 pages of it, all mine for 5 euros. Oh the perks of living in Belgium (foreign magazines were painfully expensive in Romania).

Will you be/ Were you/ Are you in college/Uni? What will you be/are you/were you studying?


  1. It's always funny sometimes to stop and think about how much we have changed, even in a short amount of time!

    I went to University for writing, and I'm still going for it!

  2. congrats girl, i am genuinely happy for you <3 i was going to school for Business as well, but i had a change of heart; i decided to major in liberal arts and minor in business. i LOVE kids and that is where my heart is. I still do need and want a business degree, so i hope i stay on track with that. good luck in everything you encounter <3

    xx jamie

  3. Hi, your blog is inspiring! You are a very interesting person :)
    I will follow you!

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  5. thank you for following me!! And wow you're brave, business Administration I heard is not so easy!

  6. Fashion is always a passion for most of us even if we follow other career paths! Love your blog! Thanks for the comment.

    Following back*

  7. Interesting blog :D

  8. Ah I love your blog! I graduated this year with an English degree, but now (and throughout my studies) I always wished I'd done something like Art or Fashion! It is strange how our tastes changed over time!

  9. veyr interesting this post and congrats :D I'm following

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    Have a great weekend :)

  10. good luck on your plans for future.

    thank you so much for following. i follow back.

  11. I'm in high shcool, and next year i would like to study arts :)
    Thanks for your comment, you speak a really good spanish !!!

  12. C´beau la vie.

    Maybe selling my Texas Instruments calculator on a yard sale was a stupid idea? Time will show. Good look with your studies and thank you for you kind comment! I follow you too.

  13. I'm happy for you! I study economics too!
    I hope everything goes well with your studies!!!
    Miss Starshiny

  14. great post!!!congrats!!!;D

  15. I started as a nursing major and ended up in Finance!! Crazy but I love it! I never thought I'd end up where I am now!!

    xoxo Denise


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