Friday, October 7, 2011

The Unbearable Lightness of Fabric

My biggest, most unquenchable penchant in the entirety of all fashion concepts is sheer. Without a doubt, a material that allows the eye to see what is underneath excites my eye and compells my attention and imagination like nothing else, and if that material happens to be black as well, I'm in love.

Alexander McQueen, and one of my favourite sheer looks because of how transparent the sheer fabric is, despite being black. 

Calvin Klein Collection


Karl Lagerfeld's aquatic, whimsical inspiration translated into pieces as light as air for Chanel.

Costume National also provided a plentiness of sheer, some of it barely visible.

Erdem Moralioglu did a stand-up job.

I see myself forced to admit that Bill Gaytten didn't fail at John Galliano, as he used the lines within which John himself used to play: erotically transparent garments, daring cuts etc.

Alber Elbaz made us sigh (what else is new?) at Lanvin with  variously coloured dresses that were elaborate and simple at the same time.

Peter Dundas's collection for Emilio Pucci was a pretty big win, with dresses that were sexy bordering on smoking.

Ralph Lauren (my review here)

Valentino was all sorts of epic. The models had the air of noblewomen and the show seemed a clean, ideal escape into the Middle Ages. 

Playful, sexy Jason Wu.

The idea that something can be black and completely revealing at the same time the way sheer black fabric is mesmerizes me beyond belief. And this season, designers delivered beyond my wildest hopes. An infusion of unapologetically enthusiastic darkness flooded the runway, and it is finally accepted and acceptable that this darkness is sexy and natural.


Ann Demeulemeester, one of my favourite designers of all time, used the gradient technique as well.


Bill Gaytten returned to the roots in a risk-free show for Dior.

Rachel Comey made use of brilliant design, using wool-like prints on silk.

If they weren't dark, the sheer garments seemed to simply float around the models' bodies, not daring to constrain their beauty in any way, only to adorn them, to protect their delicacy without strangling them, to enjoy being permitted presence.

So you see, this lightness of fabric is only unbearable in that it is irresistible, and I can very well imagine not being able to resist those items if I were to come to touch them.

What did you think, darlings? Do you like sheer garments?


  1. Erdem and Ralph Lauren are both refreshing and looks graceful. Jason Wu's design is truly playful. i love sheer garments, it's lightweight and vibrant to wear. nice post!

  2. Omgod, yess, I loooove sheer, especially if it's in black too! :D
    Wow, looove the sheer top from Chanel. I love the idea of it, so different♥
    Wow! I looove Erdem Moralioglu's lacey sheer dress, INCLUDING THE CUTE HAT!! I think I like the hat more than the dress! lol.
    Woow, I need to go see Dior's collection!! I loove the dress behind Magdalena Frackowiak!!
    Looove the dresses from Lanvin ♥
    I love the black dress from Emilio Pucci ♥
    Wooow, omgod, I looooooove Ralph Lauren, I need to see his collection too! I looove the soft colors of the fabric, soo pretty! ♥
    I also love Valention's dresses ♥
    I saw a quick peek @ Bill Gayttens collection for Dior, and I absolutely LOOOVE WHAT I QUICKLY WAS SEEING!! :D Can't wait to make
    a post about Dior spring 2012 :D
    WOOOOOW!!! OMGOD, I LOOOVE THE IDEA/DESIGN OF A WOOL LIKE PRINT ON SILK!! LOOOVE THAT!!! So trippy to one's eye! :D I'd def. like to have a piece like that in my closet. :D

    Yes, I agree with you! The lightness of fabric is totally irresistible!!! I LOOOVE IT SOOO MUCH!! IT'S SOO BEAUTIFUL TO ME!!!
    Lace and sheer are my loves!! ♥ :D

    Nice post. :D

    Thank you for your comment on my last post of Jason Wu's collection! :D
    Yes, @ Jason Wu's collection being great this season, I don't think he can ever fail me, lol. I just love his taste and the
    way he designs sooo much, totally my taste! :D

    Yaaaay @ my new 100th follower!! :D

    -Eliza :)


  4. Love those Dior dresses

  5. I adore them!!! Lanvin, Jason Wu and Dior are my fave!!^^



  6. the first look? wowee!! haha :)

    but yes, i absolutely love sheer fabrics

  7. Loving all the sheer pieces! So airy and dreamlike!


  8. Sheer fabric is so feminine. Love the feel and the silhouette this fabric can achieve.

    Miss Bias

  9. Eyecatching. I love sheer and I would def wear it if it covered up my lady bits :)

  10. how amazing is that last picture! woah!

    i'm looking for the perfect black sheer top! having trouble finding it!


    Bang & Buck

  11. Wow! In love with your blog. So much inspiration. Such a great collection. Love the garnment.

    Kisses from Norway
    Karoline Kalvo

  12. Sheer is beautiful.

    Bang & Buck - usually have a lot of great sheer tops and blouses!

  13. woooow! all dresses are gourgeous!! so beautiful!!


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