Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Taking things for granted

How many times a week do you pass by a particular place in your city? 5 times? 10 times? Several times a day?

Do you still notice it?

I realized I don't. After a while, things become blurred in my mind and I no longer notice the proofs of humanity's craftsmanship or nature's beautiful quirks. I pass by, whizzing through my day, planning a math cramming session or a well-deserved nap.

A few days ago I finally noticed that I'd been walking by, twice a day, one of those scenes people gasp when they see them, and I'd been passing it without even blinking. "It's just a building" I would think before moving on at my recently acquired fast pace.

"It's just sun. It's evening, so the sun is setting. I'm too busy to sit around watching it, not to mention it happens every night."

It is beyond my comprehension how I turned into that person. How I could glance out the window at this view and dismiss it so casually. To turn another page in my books and sigh contently at my resilience.

And then, last night happened. Hearing a woman on the phone telling me my sister had been in an accident, and that I should go to the hospital. Asking her where that hospital is, like the noob that I am. Forgetting any and all tiredness after having been on the go for 12 hours. Thinking never has a subway moved slower. Finding my French words like never before. Thinking "it's not happening". Thinking I had wondered what was for dinner just minutes earlier.

Hearing her voice, knowing she's okay. Literally my heart descending from my throat. Not sleeping the whole night, after my brain found an idea deep inside me: "What if she hadn't been so lucky?". Finding today's classes at University futile and coming home to make dinner for the two of us (that's never sounded so good before) a better way to spend my time.

Life is too short to take any part of it for granted. It's too short to keep our eyes on the ground when we're walking, and it's too short to take for granted that drivers will let you pass because it's your right. Life is too short to think there's another sunset coming.

Please remember that every person crossing a street is someone else's centre of the Universe. Please remember when you're crossing a street that you are someone else's centre of the Universe. Please remember to watch the sunset. The turning leaves. The clouds reflected into skyscrapers. 


  1. Beautiful post. So moving. I wish I knew what to say exactly, but just thank you. For making me stop and think about the important things.


  2. You just helped me with this post, thank you so much and hope you and your sister are ok ^^

  3. this is such an inspiring post - thanks for sharing your thoughts!!
    and thank you so much for your lovely comment, i'm very happy you likes my new q&a page! :)
    xx romi

  4. This post is really moving. And I'm glad that you friend will be fine...It's important to appreciate every second of happyness. BTW, the phote of the Brussels' sunset is beautiful. (When it doesn't rain) I'm always amazed by the colours of the Belgian sky...

  5. What a beautiful post. It's funny how we can go ahead with our daily lives without appreciating the world around us. It's quite sad that it takes something to put it into perspective for us. Glad yor sister was ok.



  6. This post is so thought-provoking
    Followed, would really mean a lot if you followed back!
    www.accordingtoiffa.blogspot.com :) xxx

  7. I realized your always comenting on my blog. wanted to tell you how much i appriciate it. Just read your post. Your an amazing wrighter!

  8. Wow! So glad you're sister is doing ok! Really puts things into perspective, though.

  9. Hi! I dont remember how I stumbled onto your blog but I've been enjoying your posts for a few months now. This post especially was beautiful and definitely thought provoking. Thank you and good luck in your new endeavors :)


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