Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Super Model

*I swear I didn't mean for two post titles in a row to start with the same two words... but don't you love it when that happens?

People argue over what a supermodel is, and nowadays it's kind of accepted that supermodels aren't what they used to be, that is to say celebrity power-houses in their own right. Victoria's Secret "Angels" make the tabloids, but high fashion models, the ones that grace the runways in Paris, are no longer "all the rage". 

But I kind of like that. It means "us", the "fashion crowd", that is to say, people that are actually interested in fashion as an art form rather than a glittery spectacle, get to admire and love them without being part of a practically world-wide agglomeration of adorers. 

That said, who is the Super-Model nowadays? The runways are numerous and people get lost in the crevices of an ever-globalizing (thank you, Internet) fashion universe but here and there, a face sticks with us, and we recognize it season after season. 

There are many models. Many many many gorgeous girls that embed their names in our heads because they have that special look, that particular walk, that perfect body. But one raises above all. One floats among them with a serene smile on her face and 16 tattoos that would have scandalised and earned her no castings 15 years ago. 

You guessed it, it's Freja. Freja Beha Erichsen, Karl Lagerfeld's muse, the odd, black-dressing smoker that once dated Catherine McNeil (or didn't you know that?!). Many people might love to jump in disagreement, but in my opinion, there is no one that "does it better", she is the goddess of the runways in Paris. 

Freja has always been a special presence during fashion shows, but during SS2012 she brought with her an air of serenity, of calm contentment and that (previously) rare smile, that lights up her surroundings. 

Something else that makes Freja Beha Erichsen beautiful? The fact that she is real and down-to-earth, by realizing it's not all as glamorous as the world around her. She is aware there are people on this same exact planet who are struggling in ways we can't even imagine - so she lent her image to the Starved for Attention campaign, and smartly let the world know by wearing the T-shirt for the campaign during Fashion Week. 

This button feels unloved. ^_^ 
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Do you like her? Who is your favourite model?


  1. I agree with everything you write, so right!

    p.s: cool pics btw :D

  2. I have a huge crush on Freja! she's my favorite model

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  3. beautiful post

  4. I love her and you are totally right with your post!!

    Very nice blog, I am your new follower from GERMANY x Cloudy

  5. I like her! Kate Moss has to be my favourite! <3<3

  6. Love this post- totally agree- she is gorgeous, and now even more so with that smile :)

  7. Cool post! I didn't know her, I will have to look her up. =)

    xoxo (hugs & kissess till next time)

  8. she is so nice!

  9. She really is stunning. Natalia's my favourite. x hivenn

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  11. Freja is amazing, but I like Siri Tollerød as well.

  12. She is beautiful... I do like Alek Wek though.

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  13. she is beautiful!


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