Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Why it's OK that you're NOT in the front row

Every fashion blogger fantasizes of being in the front row at one point or another. And while anyone can participate in a shopping mall fashion show, it's the high fashion that entices people. It's actually pretty common that we want to be in the room, not necessarily in the front row.

So why is it OK that you're not prancing aroung New York City right now?

1. Because it's not physically possible. Imagine how big the venues would have to be to fit all the people that would be willing to go. It would end up very similar to stadium concerts. And that's logistically, financially and artistically unreasonable.

2. Because not everyone can really handle it. While it's very pleasurable to envision yourself changing from one fancy outfit to another, glamour is tiring. We all know it's not very easy to make ourselves look our very best, especially non-stop for a month, and the thought that a street photographer is always somewhere near you can be pretty unnerving.

You may not be Leighton Meester, but streetstyle photogs take thousands of pictures a day of everyone and anyone.
Source: wwd

3. Because it would take away from the exclusivity. High fashion is by definition exclusive. Its price tags and limited stocks make it available, whether we realize it or not, to a select few. The 1% if you will.

4. Because fashion lives and thrives throughout the world, in the most unexpected places, not only in the "fashion cities". You can see jaw-dropping style in most any city. The bigger the city, the bigger the chances, actually.

5. Because style doesn't have to be of the "high" variety. We've all seen outfits that were fabulous, despite the fact that they cost a fraction of a designer handbag. Incredible style can come from thrift stores and high-street shops, from that quirky boutique on your street or even from outlets. It's all about what you with what you have.

This is literally 4-5 minutes from my Uni. And there's a Longchamp store to sigh near.

Have you ever been to fashion week? Do you wish you were there?


  1. Love the yellow dress, amazing!!!

    Come see my new post,

    xo Emma

  2. I would love to be even in the last row of a fashion show, because I think it would be an experience to see this 'circus' live. But you are right that the beauty of fashion is that it is all around us...we have to keep our eye wide open!

  3. I haven't attended any fashion week, but I would love to take part in a fashion show, just once. It would be quite an experience. But you don't have to be present at every fashion week in order to appreciate beauty or fashion. It's just a fraction of the whole idea.

  4. PS: what is the source of that image with Coco Rocha from the Zac Posen show? It's stunning!

    1. I found it on tumblr searching "fashion show" on tumblr. I didn't post any source because it sprang up several times.

  5. love it!! great post
    if you wanti follow me on google friends and i will be happy to follow you back <3
    A_C'est moi

  6. I definitely wish I could have been at NYFW!

  7. amazing pics - totally captivated by your blog and will follow it. would love if you visited mine and followed if you liked it!

    wish you lots of success

    have a nice weekend!


  8. i love the first picture! the dress is fab!check out and my blog and tell me what you think about the latest trends i love :)

  9. Yes, I attended last year. Totally know what you mean though!

  10. I have, for work, and I loathe it, I'm just not a high fashion person at all.

  11. I have been to fashion week twice for my blog and I love it. I love running around from show to show. It's a different kind of crazy and I love it. It's only 2 weeks out of the year that I get to really do what I love and personally look at beautiful clothing. What I don't like is the people that feel entitled to things when they aren't. I'm fine with getting a standing ticket, I'm just happy enough to get invited I know one day I'll have a seat-- hell maybe even in the front row. But I hate the people that fight with the security guards to try to get into shows they either have standing room for or no ticket at all. I also over heard something disgusting this past season during NY Fashion Week which was these "woman" who were bragging about stealing gifts from the front row. You are NOT entitled to those. If you are placed or have seats in that row then yes by all means take them BUT you do NOT have the right to run to the front row steal the gift backs and take your seat or standing room. It's revolting. I also am not the type of person to take a front row seat without being asked to. I don't assume that seats are empty. I want to be invited to sit there. I don't understand why ppl thing they are entitled to such liberties. Also I was so upset when I overheard a conversation about bloggers being invited to shows and that we don't take what we do seriously. Maybe many don't and maybe even many sit around and enjoy the show. Not me. I actually look at it as work. I do enjoy the show and love being there but I actually do work. I take my own photos and I do write ups on each show. I think bloggers get a bad wrap from bloggers who get invited and then don't do anything but show up. Which also makes me angry...why and how do they get invited and not do anything?

    Sorry that is also ended up being a rant lol

  12. hey jo! i have never been to fashion week.,..and i don't really care for :P

  13. this is a unique perspective. i really appreciated your input! i've been hearing interesting things about nyfw lately. i'd like to check it out sometime, but am getting a better picture of what it probably is actually like. xoxo linds of

  14. wow the pictures are pretty amazing.. wouldnt mind being on the front row :P :)

  15. wish I could go to a fashion week near my city Jo!! you don't know how lucky people can be for being at the front row (but again, usually they are red carpet stars and celebrities, or models off-duty) so the spotlight is on you. definitely^^ but if you know your stuff and you are invited at the front row, I think it's more of a pleasant experience than panicking for the best outfit to wear =P
    but seriously, the first dress...heavenly =0

    wish you a great day!
    Style Hostess

  16. Great post, never been to a big one, wish one day we go to a big show

    xx haunted

  17. haha interesting post! and love the first picture :D

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  19. Wow the first picture is amazing! I have been to fashion week and had the pleasure to sit front row at several shows aswell as in any other seat :)
    Love Lois xxx


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