Thursday, February 9, 2012

It's here! Oh the excitement!

Did you think style freezes along with the temperature? Europe might be dragging its feet through ruthless bouts of low temperatures and icy winds, but a new fashion season is starting up, and New York is where it's at right now.

What is going on in Bryant Park and around? Why, goodies. Countless. Starting with, in my mind, Rachel Comey, one of the designers to the cool girls, a less high brow Alexander Wang, if you will.

Always a relaxed (if not minimal) brand, Rachel Comey doesn't disappoint in aptly tailored garments, always leading to those shoes that I just know will be must-haves come Fall. 

Awesome collage look. 



The colour palette is lighter than what you might expect for Fall/Winter, but all the leather and wool make it convincing enough. My favourite look is probably the last one I posted, with the awesome combination of silver skirt and black belted sweater. 

Derek Lam's 10 Crosby line could very well also be called Hanne, Hanne Gaby or Hanne Gaby Odiele, because as his favourite model, she's the muse of the collection, modelling it for the second time in a row. Actually, the lookbook was shot in her own apartment. And it's just as want-able as the previous one.

Good signs for the season, my friends. Good signs! And if New York is the home of the impossibly sophisticated cool girls, I can't wait for London's outrageousness, Milan's hotness and Paris's elegance! 

Have you seen any FW2012 collections? Which one's your favourite?


  1. I love how clean this collection is. It looks really beautiful.

  2. Those polka dot pants are SO cute!!

    Check out my blog!! xx

  3. Ahhh love that fur coat and the whole outfit that goes with that pic.

  4. I haven't seen any so far but I've heard a lot about pastel colours...
    Miss Starshiny

  5. just beautiful! I love that collage skirt!

  6. Hey Jo ! thanks for your comment

    I really like that silver and black look. To be honest, I'm looking forward to spring so much ( probably because of the extreme cold) I am not ready to think about winter 2013 yet.. so I can't really say what my favorite show is up to now..

    B. x

    PS : I have never colored my hair, but on some pics it really does look different than on others :)


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