Saturday, February 11, 2012

Remembering a genius

Two years ago today, the entire world learned of a fashion designer's untimely death, whereas the fashion universe was shocked and pained to lose its avantgarde prince: Alexander McQueen. It was a tragic time and the magazines, the papers, not to mention the blogs, boomed for weeks and months afterwards. Our world had been painfully shaken and we could not get over the imensity of our loss.

Countless people who had never met this man truthfully suffered as they imagined a future where there would be no Alexander McQueen show to rock their soul. We all sighed in relief when it was announced the label would go on. We immediately wondered who would replace him. We were again relieved to see Sarah Burton do honour to her predecessor. 

The exquisite Shalom Harlow during the SS1999 show. Seems a long time ago, yet so timeless.


Lee McQueen, as friends called him, had climbed to the top of the ladder, his inimitable shows being one of the most eagerly awaited events of every fashion season. He was a revolutionary artist, and his ideas in many ways produced a paradigm shift in the industry.

We learned that even in this age there can be innovation, and plenty of it, and that beauty can be found in the most unexpected of places.

Fall 2008

If anything, we learned the look of a shoe wasn't quite established. 

Most importantly, we learned that there is no limit to which art can be taken.

And for all these invaluable lessons, we stand with our heads low today, two years after his passing, wondering "What if...?".

Rest in peace, prince. 


  1. He really is the mastermind. I can't believe how those dresses always turn out so fabulously and magically wonderful. they are out of this world, Jo!!

  2. 2 years already, wow. He really did make such amazing pieces.

    1. it was my exact feeling when I was looking at the calendar and the date 11/02 reminded me of something, and then I realized what... :(

  3. Has it been 2 years already? Feels like it was last year. Well. He's my idol.

    I especially loved the FW2008 line. He was such a genius.


  4. A beautiful remembrance of a true genius.
    PS: thank you for stopping by my blog and for your kind words. :)

  5. These shoes look so perfect, but I can´t imagine walk in them, my false :)

    B&M from

  6. The fashion in these pics are like a car accident to me... you stare but you do not want to be in it.


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