Saturday, November 12, 2011

Something chilly our way comes

Temperatures have been steadily decreasing.
The wind has become icy rather than simply crisp.
The skies are dark, almost depressing. Something I'm told is common of the Belgian winter.
Brussels promises a rough winter.

Which means that it's time to shop for a new coat! One huge, extremely warm and comfortable duffle coat is the only thing that made it with me (in fact, it made it after me along with some of my favourite boots and home-made jam - I love you mum - in a box, months later). So I've been scouring the stores as well as the web for something that I can wear whilst the weather is so chilly, yet not quite winter yet. I'd feel like I'm in a sauna if I were to wear my coat right now.

Anyways, this is the best - and student-budget appropriate - the www has to offer.

Pleated adorableness from Asos for £70.00 (about €85).

Also from Asos, this one is a classic, military-inspired coat that would get me out of a lot trouble, as it's so versatile. (£75) 

H&M makes a tempting offer, this cinched-waist short coat with all those pockets (something I always appreciate in a coat) is only €29,95. 

Just one of Zara's many wonderful coats. The €139 price tag is a little steep for me, but thinking it may be a good investmend tugs at my heartstrings. I mean, look how pretty!

Another wonderful Zara, another heartstring being tugged. Its oldschool Haider Ackermann-like appeal makes me think seriously about shelling out €99,95.

Also very tempting is this cape from New Look, on sale for only €41,99. It's impractical, but it's oh-so-cool. 

Ah, anyway. Which one would you guys choose? Do you have any better sites I should check out?  


  1. I love that first coat! I swear, shopping for a new coat is the only good part about it getting so cold out!

  2. The first one is great!

  3. I choose the last one, I need a new coat :))
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  4. Personally in terms of silhouette I would go for the first one. I know coats are generally big investment, but even if the designs are nice, usually the quality of H&M and Zara make me doubt that could last more than a season...

  5. Thanks for following my blog. I like yours too and am definitely following back. Great selection of coats. <3


  6. I choose the first one cause it's different compared to the usual coats I own ! xoxox

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  7. i am so in love with the zara coats! they are just perfect! great choices you have here!

  8. Very nice theses are very cute!

    (anyone that follows I will follow back<3)

  9. I really like the jacket on the third picture - really cute! :)

  10. My favorite is the second pic, the jacket from ASOS and the H&M. =) Hope the weather doesn't get too bad for you. =)

    xoxo (till next time)

  11. nice blog!

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  13. Things like these make you a little bit excited about winter.

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    Xox Soph.

  14. really cute this jaket!!! nice blog!!!
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  15. lovely picks!

  16. Salut! Gorgeous, love the first one!!! I'm Romanian too^^ Stop by my blog maybe we can follow :)

    xo Emma


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