Saturday, December 3, 2011

What the hell happened to Karlie Kloss?!

'Scuse the rough choice of words.

But I was "introduced" to Karlie Kloss when she was 16 years old, was known for being a former ballerina and having a special walk. I thought she was cool, and loved seeing her climb higher and higher. I loved how healthy she looked, with those strong legs and childlike softness.

Then, something happened. I think Victoria's Secret happened, but then I'm biased. 

However, you can't tell me this (below) is normal and the Karlie Kloss we know and love. I can accept that she's 19 now and growing up, but growing up shouldn't be growing thin. The fashion world wants slim women, which she was. This is starting to border on unsightly and also, really really really bad in the context of so many women struggling with self-image.

You see, it's not just about one girl being too thin. It's about those big fat (sic!) letters practically saying "this is what you should look like, too." Look at her waist. Look at it! Look how her bones poke out and how her stomach is sunk way into her body. 

I thought a lot about whether to post these photos. First, they are nudity. And while I'm not offended by artistic nudity or fashion photography that includes nudity, I know some people are. Second, they are all over the internet anyway. But in the end, they make my point: what happened to Karlie?

Is it a coincidence that after becoming a VS model she started looking like this? 

When VS models started to appear more on high fashion runways (or the other way around?) people thought maybe the runways are accepting more curvaceous women. But actually, it's the VS models that are getting thinner. Which is terrible, because there are a whole lot more 13-year-olds that are crazy for VS than there are crazy for Givenchy, for instance. And the latter, if they are, they understand a bit more. 

To sum up, I think it's great that Karlie is so athletic. I think exercise is wonderful! But I also think women should be encouraged to be their "own size of healthy", rather than having these unrealistic standards shoved in their face. 

Photos by Steven Meisel for Vogue Italia (a photographer and publication that I love with all my heart, just like I love Karlie Kloss).


  1. Oh my goodness. These images are definitely shocking. It is scary to see someone so emaciated. I understand models being thin, but this is taking things much too far. It's upsetting to see women like this.

  2. Upsetting is the right word!

  3. i mean, wow. she looks amazing, but could use some more meat on her bones :)
    x jamie

  4. I looove Karlie but I agree with you!

  5. i've always been a fan of Karlie and was so surprised by these photos! Wondering how much photo-shopping went on though, the 6-pack is a little odd...

  6. I thought the photos are well-done although I thought her body pose was a little bit odd in the first photo. I don't think there's anything wrong with her body and she looks healthy and athletic. I have to respectfully disagree with you saying that this is telling women what to look like. In fact, I think it's better than showing someone with a belly fat, don't you think? I like the fact that Victoria's Secret is embracing more high-fashion models like Karlie, Chanel Iman, Anja Rubik because they are skinny and they can walk side by side with other more curvy models. I just don't like the bashing against fashion models for doing their jobs and fashion photographers to express their artistic vision. This is a fashion magazine afterall and you can take a look at it and enjoy the photos or you can let it influence you to get eating disorder. The choice is completely up to you. People should take responsibility to take care of themselves instead of taking out their insecurities on fashion and models too much. That's my honest opinion.

  7. I can't agree more!! Karlie is an amazing model, her walk is great and her past eds are gorgeous too! BUT when I've seen the new editorial I was like WTF???? I don't thing her body is that bad but the whole idea of this shoot is awful. Karlie looks stunning and everithing but she still looks like a kid sometimes, even in this photos she doesn't look sexy enough to kinda promote the idea of the shoot. Sorry Karlie but no, you still have to grow up. I adore Meisel but I don't know what was he thinking.

    Thanks for a great post and in general I love your blog!!

    ♥ A.N

    P.S. Do u speak romanian?

  8. OMG!! I didn´t know this model, and altough it´s true she´s got a lovely face.... she´s just skin and bones!! I don´t like that at all!
    Women are supossed to have curves!!

    Great post!!


  9. @Fashion Cappuccino I agree that everyone is responsible for themselves, however young girls are extremely impressionable and 100% exposed to images promoted in the media - whether we realize it or not. Not a lot of tweens read Vogue Italia, but they watch TV and it's a fact that they love VS.

    @Anna yes, I speak Romanian and proudly!

    @everyone else: thank you for your thoughts!

  10. I'm a fitness fanatic and I can tell you she's just fine. I know women who are even thinner and had to pick up exercising just to gain a few pounds. People who exercise a lot tend to have very little body fat, that's why you can see some bones..but Karlie looks quite healthy and muscular. And btw..VS models are usually curvier than other models because you need the right amount of volume to showcase lingerie.


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