Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Why I don't like Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

... because it's not fashion, though it may claim so.

Some 20-30 years ago, Victoria's Secret was mainly a mail-order lingerie brand that was famous for their catalogues, which were hunted by boys and young men. Which is normal, of course. Attractive women in lingerie were and will always be attractive.

But then, in 1995, they started a yearly event they decided to call Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. Every year, this occurence rakes in huge audiences based on a simple concept: gorgeous women parading down a catwalk in a fairly ridiculous get-up often including glitter, wings and other imaginative props and creating, in recent years, an Internet craze.

"Angels" like Doutzen Kroes or Miranda Kerr bear no blame, of course. They're simply the objects of male and female adoration world-wide, and it's not them claiming that this is fashion we're talking about. They simply get paid millions of dollars for it, and to say that great underwear is the key to looking good (don't tell me you haven't noticed that in their interviews!).

For a second though, let's be real. Comparing just about any show from the upcoming fashion weeks from the four cities (New York, London, Milan, Paris you can't get here fast enough!), you might find no similarities. Victoria's Secret "Fashion" Show is a presentation of the idealized versions of their products, a vibrant, colorful spectacle, that creates the base on which the allure of this brand is built - they sell not only lingerie, but also lounge-wear, sleepwear, beauty products and regular clothing.

This show is where they partly sell their image - and force it upon the impressionable minds of teenagers and women alike. 
Did you know 19 out of 20 young women would change their bodies?
Do you think it might have something to do with the ideals set by "Angels", women who are paid millions to look the way they do and have the help of trainers, beauty treatments and other professionals?

P.S. I don't believe Victoria's Secret is singularly responsible for Body Image issues held by so many people. Nor do I hate the brand in itself. I also hope this post won't attract unfollowings.


  1. I never considered VS shows as a fashion!

    hugs and kisses by Mani.

  2. i agree... i dont like how those are the "ideal bodies" but in the past years I read that they are trying to get girls with smaller boobs on track so as to not promote boob jobs. hahah ... i guess they are improving? good post



  3. I live in Greece and I haven't bought any of their products but their show is amazing!
    Miss Starshiny

  4. Great post !

    I love the fact that you speak your mind. I have to admit, I love the VS lingerie. I find their shows entertaining - though I never understood the long trains and wings.. Not so into "Angels" either. But the women are gorgeous, the lingerie is beautiful.. What can I say, I like it.

    The fact that popular brands effect the way young girls and women see themselves is in my opinion a solid fact. I'm sure that eating disorders weren't this popular a hundred years ago. I think it's terrifying that it's common for British 9-year-olds to be on a diet..

    I'll surely write about this myself some day. Thanks for a great post.


  5. i don't mind the shows...but i don't particularly like the VS brand :/

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  7. i love people you speak their mind honestly, so really, great post! :)

    i have to say, i like watching the show and all the gorgeous models and i like the lingerie itself.

    anyway i absolutely know what you mean...even my boyfriend, who normally isn't that much into fashion told me that he thought the models were too thin (and he really likes skinny girls, but not these 'walking skeletons which are starving themselves' as he called them) and that he thought this whole 'kiss-kiss', wearing wings kind of thing was kind of stupid and unimaginative.

    xx romi


  8. Love it so cool :)






  9. love this post.. i love how you speak so honestly. to be frank, i don't know whether i consider it to be a fashion show or not, maybe that something to think about... but i do love the shows.. i guess its because of the singer that perform there and it looks so fun. awesome blog :)

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  10. Really awesome post. I won't deny that I have tuned in to watch the 'fashion' show in the past, I'm not even really sure why I watched it but I did. I don't see it as fashion either. It's just an art form in my opinion. Artists/designers get paid to make those over the top outfits and put them on display on national television. Apparently they're doing something right to get the kind of attention their getting, but they're wrong in labeling the show a 'fashion show'.

  11. Thank you for saying it. I cringe when I hear people say that they're watching the Victoria Secret Fashion Show to "see what products they'll have out" because it's SO not true. I kind of just feel like it's a model show with sponsored clothing on top.


  12. I've never really considered the VS fashion show a legitimate "fashion show". I feel like it's more of a money-making, media event.


  13. I love this post and what you've brought out here. Great job! I do think these brands have solidified in people's minds what girls should look like to be considered beautiful....tall, skinny when really I do feel you can find beauty in any form. This is a huge problem in society and i'm not sure anyone who matters is doing anything about it.

    However, I do disagree on the fashion part of it. I think fashion means something different to everyone and it should or the world would just be so boring and redundant. I've always associated fashion with art (and there's sooo many ways to be artistic) and I must say they do create artistic pieces that can be considered whimsical like that rainbow piece you posted. Not that you can actually wear these unless you're a complete free spirt but not that you can actually wear half the stuff we see on the runways anyway. I guess it all depends on the person viewing it. I LOVE color so i'm instantly attracted to these things. I must admit though they make me sick to my stomach on how they define beauty I think that's most importantly where the problem lies. A great designer (or brand) should make their designs look good on everyone. Plus I never remember to watch the shows.

    P.S. Sooo sorry for the long reply. =)

    xoxo (hugs & kisses till next time)

  14. So true! We need to love ourselves the way we ARE. Happy girls are the most beautiful, and happiness does not come with what the modeling industry sees as "perfect".

    Come visit me
    Karoline Kalvo

  15. I agree with Katie Bliss..Its more of a money media maker. But I really enjoyed the fashion show. I think it was creative. ;)


  16. Hey girlie. So happy you commented on my blog since now I know about yours. It is sad that so many young people would change their bodies. It's tough to stay who's to blame. Media, models, Hollywood, religion, parents, personal body issues... There's plenty of blame to go around I guess. Models meanwhile are just girls making a living of their looks and charm (good for them). I agree VS fashion shows are unnecessary though. The catalogues and website are enough!

  17. the show is truly not a fashion show! its more like an event to for the media to look out to the brand. loving your blog dear. thanks for check out my blog. following you back!



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