Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The great balancing act of blogging

Last year, I was preparing for my baccalaureate exams and I thought I was quite busy. Three big fat subjects, a lot of things to know, a lot of things depending on the results of those exams. So I put off my blogging ambitions, thinking I'd have more time afterwards for that, and that going to University was going to be simply my "day-job".

Fast forward to the present, where I'd laugh at myself, if I weren't too tired for that. A lot of people must be wondering right now "What was she thinking?!" and they are perfectly right. Three 2-hour classes in a day, running around like a headless chicken in the big city, trying to make friends and worrying about the 3/3 professors that have already set complex assignments all make me laugh at my past self.

BUT BUT! BUT!!! There's a but people!

But the simple fact that I'm sitting here typing this, looking for pictures to illustrate my points as well as possible (like the one above, duhh), proves I'm in it for the long haul this time. I'm even up-to-minute with fashion week and there are reviews and stuff coming. In fact, here's a sneak peek:

Yes, Dries Van Noten may very well have made a pact with the devil. Class like that just doesn't form naturally.

So, because I depend on you desperately, how do you make time to blog?


  1. I always make time for it, it's my daily outine feel so incomplete if I don't blog..

    xx Kaye
    Fashion Blogger

  2. Sometimes I'm not even sure how I make time for it. Life gets crazy sometimes, but I keep trying to make sure my focus stays where I want it to. It's a challenge!

  3. i dunno how i blog. sometimes i do it in the morning before i take my girls to school though most of the time i do it in the afternoons! and i reply to comments in the evening or whenever i can squeeze in a few during the day.

  4. my whole day is spent working, so when i got home i do my best to finish all house works and blog before i sleep. i'm practicing this 'work time is office time' and when i'm in the house, then its home. hope you get my point :D

  5. i always check my blog and bloglovin and rohafashion on facebook first thing in the morning and then i carry my cam with me and take photos during the day for new posts when i get the time....but you're absolutely right, sometimes it's very hard to make time for it. but it's a passion and it's fun for me, so it isn't thaaaat hard ;)
    xx romi

    p.s.: thankf for your comment. i totally agree and i'm happy having found another fan of graffiti! ;)

  6. thx for your lovely comment !!
    great post :)
    now i'm following you :)
    melina from

  7. This is going to sound mean but except for the bloggers who do it for a living, (or are trying to) the ones who post nearly every day just must not have lives. Especially since a lot of the posts are just pointless "here's what I ate in a restaurant" pics or fashion photos culled from other sources. I say quality is more important than quality yet sadly nowadays everyone feels like they need to continuous crank out blog posts regardless of whether or not they have anything to say. So when bloggers feel apologetic for neglecting their blogs for a few days I think the guilt is completely unnecessary!

  8. I feel your pain!!! It's kind of a catch 22, I love blogging, but when I have to squeeze it in, it stresses me out!

    I'm a full time student too so I understand your frustration. Hang in there!For me, right before bed is usually when I find time. :)


  9. I love how the white biker jacket is teamed with the taffeta maxi skirt! Gorgeous post!
    come follow my blog sweetness! xx

  10. honestly, it's hard to do and many days feels entirely pointless but in the long run i enjoy sharing and hope that some of the images i share are an inspiration to others or at the very least a pretty that they might not have seen otherwise. the blog does serve as a great piece for a resume regardless of the fact that it's just a tiny one and makes absolutely no money at all. i agree with Sabina more and more as time goes on and just don't stress out when i don't have a single thought that will translate into a good post.

  11. ahh, I love you guys. I love it when you make such worthwhile comments, and really reply to my thoughts. Sabina, thanks for voicing what I've been seeing in practice - when I first started blogging (other blogs, not here) I thought posting daily was important, but I was stealing my own spotlight somehow, never letting my good content shine, instead replacing it with random thoughts I deemed "necessary". this time around my blogging attempt is significantly more successful - because I post thoughtful articles and give others thoughtful feedback.

  12. Hi :)
    It's easier for me to blog when I'm on summer or winter break, because I don't have much to do. But when I'm back in school, oh boy, it's hard. :(
    Though, I try to get in a post once a week, and make time for it, like over the weekend, or when I do get some time over the week. :) Also, most people make time for blogging, in the morning, when they first wake up. :)
    Also, I do comment back to ppl that left comments on my posts, so that can be time consuming, but if I'm not blogging, I'm usually commenting back to everyone and or, I'm making posts, that I'll post later in the week(end).
    There was a great post on blogging and time on Independent Fashion bloggers site over the summer, and they gave out helpful tips, it really made me feel better lol.
    But, I'm sure if you love something so much, I'm sure you'll find time or make time for it somehow. :)



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