Monday, January 30, 2012

Arms in the air!

Anything you say can and will be used against you. Kidding, ha. 

But this really is my current state of affairs. I have two exams left (woo!) that I want to do well on, and between that and furniture shopping there's little time to breathe (i.e. blog). 

P.S. Ikea is hell on Sundays. Is there a time when it's really empty? I wanna go and take my sweet time to buy all the decor stuff - photo frames and mirrors - but I can't stand the queues. 

P.P.S. they have the best hot-dogs. Yes I just said that. 


  1. haha, I just bought a kitchen from IKEA (you can see it in my latest post). Ikea is such a nightmare, it seems that the flood of people will never end ! I found the store to be the most empty around noon on a Thursday (and believe me, I had to visit it quite a few times). :D

    Haven't tried the hotdogs. Probably won't. :D


    1. I'm planning to go on a Tuesday sometime, it's my day off from uni normally.

      the hotdogs were surprisingy good!

  2. Ahh you have such a lovely blog! Such amazing photos and we adore your style of writing! We too have been glued to the computer, so we know how you feel! xo from NYC!

    Wardrobe Stylists, NYC.

  3. Good luck on your next exams ! And I also hate queuing at Ikea...I get so nervous whenever I go there on Sundays! Never tried their hot dogs...but I will ! Kisses !

  4. I think I need that sign hung ON my computer, sometimes. I have a problem.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  5. haha that's a good sign to have - although probably too easy to ignore, too! arg IKEA is always wayyy to packed - in Beijing people are also sleeping all over the beds and chairs haha! good luck with your exams :)

  6. hahahahaha.great logo!actually its really empty on Monday morning!try it and trust me you will enjoy it a lot!!!!!

    1. thanks! My Monday mornings are packed with icky Uni stuff like Math and Statistics, but Tuesdays are my days off, so a Tuesday morning some time in the next weeks is going to be empty-Ikea fest.

  7. woot~
    this means a lot to me too X)
    thanks for the comment Jo.
    step away from the comp. and study!!
    *PS. I take it that blogging's too much fun hehe^^

    Style Hostess

  8. Love that print! good luck with the rest of your exams - Ikea is usually really empty on weekdays, maybe that might be better than weekends?

  9. Total perfection!

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